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Reviving Old Spirits at Slyboro

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Named for the centuries-old hamlet that is home to Hicks Orchard, Slyboro Ciderhouse re-introduces the lost craft of traditional American ciders.


Just as grapes are transformed into wine, our ciders are fermented from our own orchard-grown apples; unlocking the full potential of the apple by creatively blending a distinctive range of delicious, award-winning ciders.

We at Slyboro Ciderhouse are dedicated to reclaiming cider—"true cider"—as America's favorite drink. We invite you to explore and discover the flavors and delights of Slyboro Ciders. In any season, for special occasions, or to enrich the moment, "consider cider."


Dan Wilson brings the artist's creative impulse to cider making from his broad-ranging background including massage therapy, carpentry and more. His talents are inspired by a spirit of continual learning. Dan is also an active leader of the broader cider community and serves on the boards of the United States Association of Cider Makers and the New York Cider Association.

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