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get your Pommore gift boxes now

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Goes well with tree trimming.

Makes a memorable gift.

Call to 518-642-1788 to reserve your Pommore gift box.

Pickup at orchard only. Each Pommore gift box contains two Pommore snifter glasses and one 375 ml bottle of Pommore, packed in an orchard apple box. No online orders available for this offer. While supplies last.

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A note from cidermaster Dan:

Our heirloom and bittersweet apple ciders are heated to extract their deepest fruit notes. This makes an apple brandy similar to an American Calvados. Then we take an unfermented cider and do a cryo-extraction—or freeze concentration—to magnify the flavors. Finally we blend the apple brandy with the concentrated ice cider to create Pommore, expressing robust sweetness and spice, radiance and warmth.


It’s best served in a snifter at room temperature to release all the aromas. Pairs well with a snowy evening by the fire.


Thank you

for your continued support of our farm. We hope you keep supporting small businesses and farms like ours this holiday season. We’re better together. 

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