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Three Sparklers

sampler pack

Get to know our ciders! Try them out and find your favorites.

3 Sparkling ciders: 

one 750 ml bottle Hidden Star,
one 750 ml bottle Rose and Sky,
one 750 ml bottle Black Currant

SAM-3-2021 | $49

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Kingston Black

still cider

Cider making perfection in a single, legendary apple variety. Kingston Black offers a compelling and balanced blend of flavors with a pleasantly dry, crisp finish.

750 ml | 8% ABV

$15 per bottle, including tax

notes of melon, brioche, soft tannins

Hidden Star and glass.jpg

Hidden Star

sparkling cider

Discover the secret in the apple! Cider from historic, hearty Northern Spy apples blended with ecologically grown Liberty apples brings a deeply rooted American tradition to the modern table for your enjoyment. Made from apples grown at Hicks Orchard, a family farm in the Adirondack foothills and New York's oldest U-Pick orchard. Clean, crisp, aromatic and refreshingly smooth, like a ripe apple just picked from a tree. Hidden Star pairs well with summer barbecues, autumn picnics, winter festivities, and spring frolics. Serve chilled.

750 ml | 6.9% ABV

$15 per bottle, including tax

notes of peach, pineapple, green apple and mild tannins

Night Pasture and glass.jpg

Night Pasture still cider

Subtly complex, dry, earthy with hints of spice and honey, Night Pasture is made from a blend of traditional American and European cider apple varieties. It is a traditional, still cider. Named after our oldest orchard, where earlier farmers once turned out their livestock at the end of the workday. Now a favorite spot for painters, dancers, apple pickers, skiers and red foxes.

750 ml | 6.9% ABV

$15 per bottle, including tax

notes of apple peel, savory herbs, honey and soft tannins

Rose & Sky and glass.jpg

& Sky

sparkling cider

Rose and Sky is semi-dry and richly fruited. Fine bubbles and balanced acidity add fullness and depth leaving a satisfying finish of buttery brioche and soft tannins. An ideal event starter and a perfect choice for celebrations large and small. Serve chilled.

750 ml | 10% ABV

$19 per bottle, including tax

notes of pear, stone fruit, tamarind, brioche and soft tannins

La Sainte Terre bottle and glass.jpg

La Sainté Terre

sparkling cider

An opulent cider! Bright gold with floral and fruit on the nose, look for an initial burst of rich sweetness that is quickly matched by deeper acidity from Golden Russet apples. This is a semi-sweet and sparkling cider.

750 ml | 8.5% ABV

$17 per bottle, including tax

notes of apple peel, mango, savory herbs and honey

black currant bottle and glass.jpg

Black Currant sparkling cider

It's the New Black. Slyboro's farm-made hard cider is infused with black currants grown in New York State's Hudson Valley, tingly and tantalizing with vibrant, garnet hues, a luscious full fruit taste with a pleasurable black currant bite. Fun to drink, easy to share.

750 ml | 6.9% ABV

$15 per bottle, including tax

notes of tart black currant, cherry, burnt sugar and soft tannins

cherry ice bottle and glass.jpg

Cherry Harvest 

sparkling cider

Made from blended fresh cider which is naturally frozen and concentrated in our North Country winters, fermented to a complex apple essence, and then infused and aged with our whole tart cherries. Slyboro Cherry Harvest Cider is rich with summer fruit flavors, and a smooth lingering sweetness. Enjoy with dark chocolate, fruit sorbet, or creme brulee.

750 ml | 11% ABV

$27 per bottle, including tax

notes of berry, stone fruit, vanilla and cherry

Pommore and glass.jpg



Our heirloom and bittersweet apple ciders are heated to extract their deepest fruit notes. This makes an apple brandy similar to an American Calvados. Then we take an unfermented cider and do a cryo-extraction—or freeze concentration—to magnify the flavors. Finally we blend the apple brandy with the concentrated ice cider to create Pommore, expressing robust sweetness and spice, radiance and warmth.
It’s best served in a snifter at room temperature to release all the aromas.

750 ml | 22% ABV

$50 per bottle, including tax

notes of vanilla, honey, bittersweet apple, and tamarind